SB-SC-4036 Vertical End Cutting Machine

>>>SB-SC-4036 Vertical End Cutting Machine
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Project Description

SB-SC-4036 Vertical End Cutting Machine


This vertical style end cutting machine is mainly used in the early preparation process to measure and cut curtain panels from a roll of fabric. Traditionally this process is done by spreading the fabric on a cutting table that is equipped with end cutting machine in one end. Now with this equipment, it only requires one operator to do the cutting process, instead of two people like in the traditional method.

Furthermore, this equipment also takes much less space required than the traditional cutting table. Another cost saving equipment for curtain workshops and factories in terms of labor and space.

Note : Air compressor is required

Technical Parameter
Model No SB-SC-4036
Voltage 220 V – 1 PH
Max. Working Height 3600 mm
Max. Working Length 4000 mm
Equipment Height 4100 mm
Equipment Footprint (Length) 5500 mm
Equipment Footprint (Width) 1250 mm