S-CT22-B05 Curtain Panel Joining Machine with Moving Platform Workstation

>>>>S-CT22-B05 Curtain Panel Joining Machine with Moving Platform Workstation
S-CT22-B05 Curtain Panel Joining Machine with Moving Platform Workstation2023-04-13T04:53:49+00:00

Project Description

S-CT22-B05     Curtain Panel Joining Machine with Moving Platform Workstation

Overlock Curtain Edge Lining Attaching with Moving Platform Workstation
Technical Parameter
Sewing Head Five Thread Safety Stitch Overlock Sewing Machine
Sewing Head Function Direct Drive Servo Motor
Auto Chain Cutter Trimmer
Auto Foot Lifter
Pneumatic Waste Suction Device and Storage
Feeding Method Differential Feed + Rear Puller Device
Platform System Type Synchronized Moving Platform
Platform Table Top Size 2900 x 400mm
Contactor Unit, Air Valve Schneider Electric


This overlock sewing head is mainly used for joining curtain panels. And the same setup can also be used to attach curtain’s buckram tape. The curtain buckram tape will be fed from above the sewing head (Buckram Tape Holder / Rack will also be provided).

This type of S-CT22 series workstation is mainly used for producing large batch production curtain panel. Operator can pile up a batch of curtain panels on top of the platform’s 3000mm long table. Then s/he can start sewing the panel layer by layer (one by one). While operator is sewing the curtain panel, the side platform table will move forward with a speed that is synchronized to the sewing speed until the sewing has reached the final end of the panel stitch and trim the thread automatically, the platform will then move backward to its original position allowing the operator to do the second layer of the panel. This workstation has proven to be one of the most efficient curtain hemming workstation that increases the production efficiency significantly.

There are different selections of sewing machine that varies from reputable sewing machine brand that each has different functions and technical characteristics. Feel free to drop us an email at info@hcw-acs.com and one of our export customer representatives can make a recommendation offer to your production needs.

Note : Air Compressor is required