S-CT21-B05 Curtain Panel Joining Machine with Conveyor Workstation

>>>>S-CT21-B05 Curtain Panel Joining Machine with Conveyor Workstation
S-CT21-B05 Curtain Panel Joining Machine with Conveyor Workstation2022-07-06T07:38:52+00:00

Project Description

S-CT21-B05 Curtain Panel Joining Machine with Conveyor Workstation

Overlock Curtain Edge Lining Attaching with Conveyor Workstation
Technical Parameter
Sewing Head Five Thread Safety Stitch Overlock Sewing Machine
Sewing Head Function Direct Drive Servo Motor
Auto Chain Cutter Trimmer
Auto Foot Lifter
Feeding Method Differential Feed + Rear Puller Device
Platform System Type Synchronized Conveyor Belt System
Conveyor Size 1800 x 800mm
Contactor Unit, Air Valve Schneider Electric


This overlock sewing head is mainly used for joining curtain panels. And the same setup can also be used to attach curtain’s buckram tape. The curtain buckram tape will be fed from above the sewing head (Buckram Tape Holder / Rack will also be provided).

This type of S-CT21 Series is equipped with a synchronous conveyor belt system. The movement of the conveyor belt has been programmed to be synchronized with the sewing speed. And with the help of the conveyor workstation, the operator does not have to spend many times stopping and pulling the curtain panel during sewing the curtain panel. In a conventional method with a regular sewing machine, the operator will face a daily difficulties to sew a large curtain panel due to the weight of the curtain is pulling downward while s/he is sewing the curtain panel, therefore operator keeps on pulling the panels forward bit by bit while he sews the panel along the way to the end. This workstation will let the hemming process to be done a lot easier, therefore increases the production efficiency significantly.

There are different selections of sewing machine that varies from reputable sewing machine brand that each has different functions and technical characteristics. Feel free to drop us an email at info@hcw-acs.com and one of our export customer representatives can make a recommendation offer to your production needs.