SA-VC3236 Auto Vertical Curtain Cutting Machine

>>>SA-VC3236 Auto Vertical Curtain Cutting Machine
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Project Description

SA-VC3236  Auto Vertical Curtain Cutting Machine


This vertical curtain cutting equipment will lift up the curtain panel vertically with its PLC controlled servo motor for high precision measurement up to 3mm. Once the curtain panel has been lifted up at certain height, the bottom part of the curtain will be pressed and the cutter will run horizontally to trim the excess unwanted fabric, making sure the curtain panel have the same final drop height to the required dimension.

Technical Parameter
Model No SA-VC3236
Power 1.0 kW
Voltage 220 V – 1 PH
Max. Working Height 3200 mm
Max. Working Width 3600 mm
Equipment Height 3560 mm
Production Capacity 35 – 50 Curtain Panels / Hour
Gross Weight 750 kg