S-CT450 Fully Automatic Curtain Pinch Pleating Machine

>>>S-CT450 Fully Automatic Curtain Pinch Pleating Machine
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Project Description

S-CT450 Fully Automatic Curtain Pinch Pleating Machine

Technical Parameter
Model No S-CT450
Sewing Head S-326G
Needle Brand German Groz Beckert
Needle System DPx17 (Titanium Coated)
Hook Brand Japanese Hirose Hook
Hook Type Shuttle Hook
Stitch Length 0.2 – 12.7mm
Sewing Motor AC Direct Drive Servo Motor
Power 750 W
Max. Sewing Speed 2500 rpm
Voltage 220 V – 50/60 Hz
Packaging Dimension 2110 x 1710 x 1540 mm
Packaging Material Export Plywood
Gross Weight 526 kg


This fully automatic curtain pinch pleating device is equipped with a robotic arm to hold the curtain panel as a whole. It will automatically pleat the material in a vertical direction and rotate 90 degree before finally pushing the pleated material forward toward the sewing head. This remove the needs of operator to control feed and hold the materials.

Also equipped with “Automatic Curtain Pleat Calculation Module” that allows operator to input the curtain panel’s original width, pleat’s numbers, preferred pleat distance and some other parameter, as well as the targeted finished width after pleating on the Touch Screen control panel. Then the computer module will automatically calculate the parameters based on the operator’s required measurement and then the pleating device will adjust automatically depending on the parameters from the curtain pleat calculated values.

Further adopts the use of pleat distance allowance by re-calculating the actual distance and left over materials on the last few pleats in order to achieve a more accurate pleat distance and side edge of the fabric to be the same with the other side of the panel.

Note : Air compressor is required