SA-CSM-4120 Automatic Curtain Strapping Machine

>>>SA-CSM-4120 Automatic Curtain Strapping Machine
SA-CSM-4120 Automatic Curtain Strapping Machine2023-07-05T01:08:18+00:00

Project Description

SA-CSM-4120  Automatic Curtain Strapping Machine


Very simple operation by just switching ON the machine and it will be ready for operation. Highly effective method used for strapping curtains to reduce labor cost. Implemented the use of rail to feed the tape and ability to adjust stand by time. Equipment allows adjustoment on the strapping force to be more tight or loose.

Technical Parameter
Power 260 W
Voltage 220V / 50Hz
Equipment Footprint 560 x 490 x 300mm
Strapping Speed 26 Strap / Minute
Max. Strapping Size 410 x 200 mm
Strapping Tape Paper Tape / OPP Band Tape
Tape Width Standard 30mm