6 Machines Recommendation for Starting Curtain Manufacturing Unit.

>>>6 Machines Recommendation for Starting Curtain Manufacturing Unit.
6 Machines Recommendation for Starting Curtain Manufacturing Unit.2021-06-22T06:58:01+00:00

Project Description

The curtains sewing process has been evolving from time to time. Mostly depend on the curtain type that is going to produce. Although so many choices for curtain sewing machines available, yet, some people sometimes still wondering what exactly the required machine to produce a curtain. This article might help you to find sufficient machines especially for beginning a stitching curtain unit. More, we will elaborate on some of the outline processes in curtain manufacturing, and provide you some machine recommendations which are sure will make your curtain manufacturing more efficient.


After finding the matched curtain fabrics, and measuring each of them, you need to cut those curtains fabrics into the required sizes into some panels. This process can be done manually by using your favorite scissor. However, this equipment will take much time, and sometimes missed cut happens.

At HCW-Automated Curtain Sewing, you can find our best Automatic End Curtain Cutter Machine, SB-900A, in this link.

Easy to operate with efficient results. Indeed, it is going to be a good way to start your curtain manufacturing.


The next step after the fabric cut is preparing how this curtains panel will be sewn. The sewing process is usually considered as the main section of curtain manufacturing as from this section, the curtain type and style will be determined.

  1. Hemming

Most of the curtain manufacturing will be started to do hemming to sew the side of the curtain. This process can be troublesome because of the curtain’s large size. Well, you do not have to worry, since HCW’s hemming machine has already equipped its workstation with a conveyor. Why do not you try the S-CT22-L01? This machine is quite popular in China at the moment. More, as equipped with Sakura-Stitch S-9010D sewing head, this equipment can be used for the top, side, and bottom hemming.

Machine Installation at Chengdu

Check this link for details.

  1. Joining

In this sewing process, after hemming the curtain side, the curtain panel might need to be joined also. Especially when you require a larger curtain, such as a black curtain for a hotel, stage, and other commercial purposes. This process needs a sewing machine that can produce a neat and professional finish.

Go check the S-CT21-B05 from our website. This machine is an overlocker sewer. It has two options sewing head: Pegasus EXT3216 sewing head and Sakura-Stitch S-3216T sewing head.

  1. Attaching Buckram

Some of the curtains have a buckram or tape at their top side. However, the way how to attach this buckram is different from one of another.  The S-CT21-C33 is always been highly recommended to do this task. This workstation has a total number of 33 needles which gives high flexibility to the operator to choose which two needles are needed to attach a certain width of the curtain tape.

You can check the details at this link.

  1. Pleating

So, what is your favorite top of curtain style? If the pleated curtain-type in your list, you might want to check our next curtain pleating machine. HCW-Automated Curtain has four choices of curtain pleating machine. One of them is the S-CT150. This is the most basic curtain pleating machine. Although it is the most simple among other pleating machines, it has sufficient features which meet your requirements, and of course, the affordable price which will make this machine competitive in its range.


After doing all the above processes, the next step is to make sure the curtains stay neatly in shape. Have you heard the SA-FB7000?  It is a boiler machine that can produce a permanent result for your curtain’s final shape.

Check this link for details.

Since there are so many types of curtain stitches, and each of the curtains has a different machine to make, perhaps our recommendation machine above can change depending on your needs. So, have you found which machine that you are willing to be included in your curtain manufacture?

Why not start to peruse our website and find your perfect match to start your curtain sewing manufacture?

You can also contact us at our email for machine inquiry, we will be pleased to serve you.